Earlier this year, I became aware of a fun typography-based project that is run across Instagram—36 Days of Type. Each day, typographers and designers were able to work on a certain letter of the alphabet or number that was set by the account who runs the project. It is a great little fun project and the only downside is that I only became aware of it half way through the alphabet but that didn’t stop me from getting involved and having a blast.
I really treat this as a skill building exercise as well as a creative challenge. Each day of working on the project, I would only give myself an hour to work on the design that I would post up however, some of the work took longer due to them being lengthy animation renders from Cinema 4D (my MacBook hated me for it!). Having said time constraint actually made the work really fun and has benefited my course and freelance work as I’ve been able to work on projects faster, whilst not losing quality which is so important.