Paisley Rebranding


Colour is brave. Colour is bold. And it’s, well, colourful. Pantone supports the creative community to deliver, execute, and live that fact. Pantone sets the standard for colour. Nothing else comes close to the diversity or reality of colour, of pantone. And colour is vital. It matters. It’s colour that tells you when to and when to stop. It’s how you know which tap to turn on, and the reason you know when to be wary of something. But it’s not just instructional. Colour is emotional, personal, and evokes our deepest and sincerest feelings. The same colour can mean a myriad different things to a million different people, and everyone has their favourite. In the physical, real world colour is a massive part of everything, from which sports team you follow, the political party you support, to your personal or even national identity – whether the colour’s on your flag or just your favourite mug. But because of its ubiquity people can take colour for granted. And that’s not good news for creativity.
The Challenge 
Reimagine your hometown through a new colour scheme. Think about everything that this identity could include, physical and digital: logo, transport, way finding, etc. ‘Hometown’ could mean where you’re from, where you are now, or just a place that you feel you belong – even if you’ve never lived there.