Project Mercury


The Brief
Pick something /someone that has been a major influence. Design and produce a publication and supporting material around it/them. For instance you could choose a scientific event that has influenced the way in which we think and perceive things, or an invention that has led the way way in influencing the way in which we live our lives today. The influence could have positive or negative connotations.
My Choice
Project Mercury was NASA’s first project aimed at putting a man into orbit around the Earth. For me it was fascinating learning about the politics behind NASA’s inception as well as the brain-aching technical barriers they had to overcome to put a man in space. For my design of the project I wanted to produce a book that could be sold commercially to inform people about NASA’s forgotten missions and highlight the achievements of the men and women behind the program. You may ask why is there no colour? I wanted to challenge myself with not being able to use colour in my designs and another big reason for me is that space is a very dark, daunting place and I feel that the use of vibrant over the top colours would take away from the magnitude of NASA’s project Mercury.
The images of the booklet you see are of the book that I submitted for my editorial project, on creative review I have come to realise that I could have done a bit more to the images and typography to add an extra dimension to the work and I plan to make some revisions to the book over the summer when I have some more free time.