Dark Knight Rises


This poster was my first adventure into the world of typographical posters. The brief asked for a typographical poster with the subject being a film from any time period. The Batman man films are favourites of mine, except that train wreck  ‘Batman & Robin’ *shudders*. The Dark Knight Rises had just completed Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy, so I felt it would be good to create a poster for the film. For me one of the most intriguing/engaging parts of the film was how Bane went about his plan to destroy Gotham and break Bruce Wayne’s resolve. The quote that best exemplifies this for me is when Bane responds to Bruce Wayne’s question: “Why didn’t you just kill me?”. Bane’s response is what you can see in my poster, it’s chilling, evil and torturous.
The whole process of creating a typographic poster was foreign to me but I decided to get stuck in and really challenge myself. Even though the quote was said by Bane, it was directed to Batman and I felt it was important to show in some way that Batman still had some form of presence in Gotham. From there I started experimenting with incorporating the typography within the silhouette of Batman. The overall style of the poster has a subtle nod to the batman films of old, whilst exploring the theme of ‘The Dark Knight Returns’.