So this was my first proper client initiated brief during my three years at Glasgow Clyde College and it was also my favourite project of my BA year. What made the brief so enjoyable for me was the client interaction, along with the small time window to produce the work, this kept me on my toes and thinking creatively every moment I worked on the project. The brief was delivered by Craig Black who is an alumni of the college. Craig spent the first few years of his career in leading design agencies gaining experience in print to motion and everything in-between, he currently runs his own design studio in Glasgow and London, United Kingdom.
About Visio
‘Visio’ is a creative lifestyle luxury brand that offers accessories and home decor pieces inspired by the merging love for design, cultures, craftsmanship, and global cultures. The spirit of the brand is to create distinct luxury hand-finished goods that reflect timeless beauty, simplicity and authenticity. ‘Visio’ lives by the motto ‘Creativity is the greatest expression if liberty’ and wants to advocate this through fresh visual language of simple forms, prints, materials and colours.
Target Market
Visio’s target market would be middle to upperclass members of the public who take pride in every aspect of their appearance. Money and practicality aren’t high up on their list of priorities, they want their products to look good and feel good! The branding should share this same idea.
My Idea
Right from the get-go I had a firm idea on what direction I wanted to go down, Serif typography with lots of contrast in the letterforms. I spent a lot of time making sure I chose the right typography for the logo and in the end I used to typefaces to create the logo, Majesti Banner for the ‘V’ and Bodoni for ‘Visio’. Both of these typefaces were modified to create the my desired look. For the Back side of the stationary products I decided to take a bit of a gamble with the design, I wanted to add some personality and life into the branding without using boring stock photography. My solution was to go for bold typography running across this products, for me this adds character, style as well as bring in flashes of fashion.